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to watch include massachusetts where polls show republican incumbent scott brown in a close race with democrat elizabeth warren. in missouri, democratic incumbent claire mccaskill faces a tough challenge from republican richard mourdock despite his controversial comments about rape. in all, 33 senate seats are up for grabs with races in several states that can go either way. >>> closer to home now it's less than an hour before the polls open up here in california. but many people have already voted. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the alameda county registrar's office with more. >> reporter: we spoke with the registrar of voters just half hour ago, who says they have been ready. they actually came here about 5:00 this morning. normally 26 people work in the office but they are adding about 200 more to deal with possible crowds today. as you mentioned polls will open in about less than an hour. but thousands or hundreds of thousands of bay area voters have already turned in their ballots. here at the alameda county courthouse, the registrar says they saw thousands of early vote
feet tall with brown hair. now, if you want to get another look at that video, you think you might know this guy, we have it for you on our website, live in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> anne, thank you. police say the riots after the giants world series sweep sunday are all part of a recent surge of violence in the mission district. and now the department is beefing up patrols there. expect to see more officers near the 24th street and 16th street bart stations in the mission. the neighborhood has seen 4 homicides in the past two weeks. >>> an anticrime project known as operation impact is under way in two northern california cities. the california highway patrol is providing extra officers to oakland and stockton. chp officers will be in oakland two days a week at no cost to the city. help from the chp will allow the city's police department to increase patrols in high crime areas. >> the program is set to run for at least the next three months. >>> residence in fairfield are helping police search for a couple accused of stealing mail. one man set up a surveillance
: the presidential race won't be affected or the senate races. but prop 30 governor brown's tax proposition is really in peril. 48% in some polls, 52% in other polls. kind of hanging on by a thread. democrats home this last-minute surge in registered voters will result inputting prop 30 over the top. now, of course, that means that these young voters have to do more than register. they have to vote. so we'll see how that works out. >> it's close. what if it fails? governor brown says he has these trigger cuts and it go will after education. will he do it? >> reporter: exactly. so everyone should understand that these trigger cuts to education are a legislative creation. there's nothing in the budget process that should put our deficit on education. this is specifically done to scare people into voting for prop 30. in order for it to works the governor has to convince people that the cuts are inevitable. he has said he will veto any attempts to change or to cut back on these trigger cuts. having said that, democrats will tell you kind of off the record that they don't really expect that this powerful
intends to pull a governor brown and run for the mayor of massachusetts and someday some other office like senate, i think that he is probably finished. and you know, you have to at this point stop talking about winners and losers and give him credit. he ran a good campaign in terms of its effective nevertheless. he came very, very close. i'm sure there will be part of him that's haunted that he got close but didn't succeed. he was always in some ways trying to fulfill some sort of destiny that maybe his father didn't fulfill in politics years before. that's going to be hard to live with. these things are difficult. this morning he is exhausted. he and his family are probably exhausted. from personal experience, you're glad it's over. glad you didn't win. what's not likely to happen is -- he will meet with the president but i don't think that governor romney is going to play any role in the new administration. he will chart a different course. >> he likes to be in charge. >> we'll check back with you in a bit. thank you. >>> let's go to weather and see what it's looking like outside. >> bi
insider phil matier who is with former mayor willie brown. >> mr. mayor, you're no stranger to elections. what's the it like the day after a big emotional win? >> you have a problem when now it's all over the last time you will be on the stage, et cetera, and now how difficult it was to win it this time. you know how the doubters were out there. you know how much confidence you already had all -- you didn't have. and you just become, you know, a different guy. >> how long does it last? he has four years to go. >> i know. he will find his legs this morning, though. he will be back on his job. he will be confronting the guy who literally has more color than he has, john boehner. >> it is something, you have this big pressure, this great moment, but also the doubts and stuff going in, the win, of the loss, the fact that you can be out the door. someone says you won again. we have the "fiscal cliff" hanging over you, by the way. so get ready. you have 33 seconds. what's your play? you're going to go to be back in the corner. >> he hasn't thought about that at all. he was focused on whether
matier and his sidekick the bay area's best shopper willie brown. how was your thanksgiving, gentlemen? [ laughter ] >> whoa! >> i just got elevated. [ laughter ] >> ho ho! >> i don't know who that is. [ laughter ] >> i'll remember that one. how's the shopping going? did you get out last night? [ laughter ] >> but i didn't do any shopping. you got to wait until, you know, there's complications develop from so many people attending before you really shop at least according to clients. >> you have clients passing counterfeit dollars? >> they are in the printing business. they just don't shop until there's a crowd. >> what are the tips? >> well, the tips are you ought to plan long time in advance what you're really interested in. and you ought to figure out comparatively speaking what the price savings really are because there are many occasions that they're not price savings in reality. >> no. before you they are seasonal savings because no matter how many times americans say i'm going to shop ahead, we always wind up in lines, we always forget until the last minute. >> but this is no
comes after requests from governor brown. he questioned the timing of raising tuition a week after voters passed prop 30 to fund education. the uc system was look at raising fees by as much as 35%. yesterday cal state trustees also delayed a vote on a proposal to raise fees. >>> well, some naked people are likely to show up on the steps of san francisco city hall at noon today. a protest is planned against a proposed ban on nudity in the city. a lawyer says she plans to take the case to federal court. she wants to block san francisco supervisors from voting next tuesday on the ban. >> i think lawrence should do his weather live from city hall steps today. >> i think so too at noon. great. >> it would be funny. >>> 6:19. a judge in ohio plans to keep watch today over a woman serving a strange sentence. she was sentenced to two days of standing on a street corner. she was supposed to hold the sign. her crime was caught on school bus tape. day after day she drove on a sidewalk to get around i school bus. well, the penalty was to carry that sign saying, only an idiot would do that. >>
, this is almost like lucy with the football in charlie brown trying to kick and then she lifts the ball. >> and sheriff, i'm curious, how difficult is it to do your job when you have the district attorney, the top cop, and you have the mayor with his constant tug of war back and forth and how has it been since you have been reinstated? >> well, it's actually been running well. i think that that's a testament to the professionalism of the men and women who work in fact sheriff's department. it's a department of over 1,000 people. >> for you as a guy, walking around and trying to get your job done, frank's bringing up the point. you have the other law enforcement people that are basically kind of isolating you? >> i guess i have learned to do my job amid some very difficult and challenging circumstances and the work is getting done. >> on the personal side what's it like these days when you walk in a coffee shop? for months you were at the center of every tv, being chased by reporters and stuff. you're infamous. >> it's a strange kind of popularity but people everywhere still come up to
brown join us. mr. mayor, you have had your share of photo ops over the years. what happens when the cameras go away and what do you think they had to say to one another? [ laughter ] >> it certainly wasn't pleasant. and it is not publishable and would you probably only hear it at the book of mormon. [ laughter ] >> come on. you got to be sitting there, you're in the white house, one guy won, the other guy, you know, says nice try and you had to put the slam in there, didn't you? you had to. >> i hope they each had a taster. [ laughter ] >> but do politicians ever let their guard down when it's all over or is it always on your guard at meetings like this? >> at meetings like this for pr purposes yes because you think the other guy might bewaring a wire. but you really tell him how dumb you think he was and why did he do that and your mother was offended not you. >> the comeback to that would be, well, you weren't so bright either. >> no, you deserved it. if you had been telling the truth. >> are you serious? >> i'm deadly serious. >> are you kidding me? >> you think i would pass
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9